RUGGIERO RICCI: Ricci on Glissando - The Shortcut to Violin Technique (Indiana University Press)

Ruggiero Ricci

A must read for serious students! Legendary violinist Ruggiero Ricci addresses common problems in shifting by advocating the study of glissando technique. 

“There is no doubt that the noblest of interpreters, the unique virtuoso Ruggiero Ricci, is a sensational and important resource for violinists of every level.In it, he shares his insights into Paganini’s ‘secrets’ and gives priceless advice to his young colleagues on achieving the highest level of violin technique with the least amount of time and effort. Once, after a triumphal concert of Ricci in Vienna, my father David Oistrakh said: 'All of us violinists must learn from the magic art of Ruggiero Ricci.’ I can’t add anything to that!” - Igor Oistrakh